Care Support Team

Under the leadership of Care Pastor Merry C. Lin, we have programs and groups to support the church body through practical needs, emotional support, marriage, engagement, and more.

Care Ministries

Pastoral Support

Ongoing Ministry

Personal meetings with a member of our pastoral staff to listen, give biblical counsel and pray with individuals needing care.


Restoration Prayer

Ongoing Ministry

An overarching ministry releasing believers from spiritual bondage through biblical teaching, systematic repentance, and authoritative prayer. Please be aware that this prayer ministry is only available to C4 Church adherents, exceptions made only with pastoral consent.


For more information email


Care Groups

Ongoing Ministry

Freedom Sessions

A 20 week video based healing group curriculum. On Site groups are now in session and can’t add new members for privacy reasons. New groups will begin Fall 2018.

Freedom Session is a life-changing, healing-discipleship journey that uncovers the roots of pain in our lives and invites Jesus Christ to heal those areas of our hearts. 

As Jesus begins to heal the heart, the unhealthy and destructive ways we used to escape the pain in our lives become less and less attractive. Shame loses its grip on our lives and the lies that controlled us are replaced by God’s truth. In its simplest form, Freedom Session is writing your story with a new and God-inspired ending.

Freedom Session has proven effective for people from every walk of life, and virtually every possible area of woundedness. FS encourages us to look honestly at how we deal with the challenges and troubles in life. It asks us to take look into our past experiences, our strengths and our weaknesses, and challenges us to replace character defects with the character of God. This curriculum is for everyone who’s interested in pursuing emotional and spiritual health and growth. 

+Facilitate a FS group with your current Connect Group or begin a new Connect Group. 


Care Ministers

Ongoing Ministry

A team of pastorally-minded individuals, identified and empowered by the pastoral staff to ensure care for our congregation. After compassionately connecting with the people in need, this team’s goal is to recruit short-term help (typically within Connect Groups) and offer support, encouragement and resources as necessary to ensure care is continued.


Mental Health Support

Downloadable Resource

We recognize that sometimes, mental health challenges can impact our spiritual and emotional well-being. We partner with qualified, Christian mental health professionals who can help. Contact us as for more information.


We’ve also prepared a Mental Health Awareness Guide with some basic information if you or a loved one are struggling with mental health issues.


+Click here to view or download the free guide

Care Mentors

Ongoing Ministry

A team of spiritually mature mentors providing one-on-one mentoring relationships, focused on discipleship in identified goals of spiritual, personal and relational growth. This is not counselling but is an opportunity for discipleship in the following targeted areas of growth: 

men’s mentors

women’s mentors

teen’s mentors

marriage mentors

Click here if you’re interested in applying to be a care mentor.

If you’d like to pursue mentoring for yourself, please apply here and the Care Team will begin the process of matching you to a mentor who will be a good fit for you.


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Voicemail – 905-686-4450 extension 101

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