Welcome to the C4 Bowmanville location.

Announcing our 3rd location, God-willing, will be in Bowmanville launching January 28, 2018. This is in alignment with The Plan and our intention to launch 3 new C4 locations by 2018. The first of these was in Port Perry in Fall 2015. Mat Crisp is our Bowmanville Site Pastor!


Bowmanville Service Times

Launching January 28, 5pm at Bowmanville High School!

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Where are we located?

Bowmanville High School, starting January 28. View Map

What does Bowmanville offer on Sunday mornings?
  • January 28, 5pm at Bowmanville High School with C4 Kids (0 - Grade 4) and Jr Youth (Grade 5-8) running concurrently with main services
Contact Us.

E. hello@c4church.com
P. (905) 686.4450
F. (905) 686.4450
Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm

Our Locations.
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