Pastoral Lead Team (PLT).

C4 Church is led by a Pastoral Lead Team.

Dave Adams


Jon Thompson


We thought we'd ask Jon and Dave some rapid fire questions.

DA: (DA)

JT: (JT)


DA: BA - Commerce & Economics UofT, MTS - Tyndale Seminary

JT: B. Religious Studies, M. Theological Studies, Doc. Missiology

Spouse + Kids

DA: Jen is my awesome wife. Grown up kids are James, Nick, Jer, Sam + 4 daughters in law and 2 grandsons arriving in 2017!

JT: Joanna Eaton-Thompson is my awesome wife. Kids are Hannah, Emma and Noah

What exactly do you do around C4?

DA: Responsible for implementation of everything that moves us towards achieving our shared vision. Responsible for main resources of the church - staff, facilities & money

JT: Preaching, teaching and the strategic direction of the church

Why do you love C4?

DA: People are passionate about following Jesus

JT: Openness of the church to do anything to see God move

Best Concert Experience

DA: Andre Crouch in Belfast

JT: Seal, early 2000’s. I know it cheesy but he was really good. Taylor Swift was a close second but she scared me as she took long extended stares with no purpose

Dream Vacation

DA: Bicycle tour of New Zealand with Jen

JT: 3 month world cruise, just dreaming

Where did you live when you were 10 years old?

DA: Belfast, Northern Ireland

JT: Quito, Ecuador

Pepsi or Coke

DA: Coke for sure unless we're talking diet, then its Pepsi Max

JT: Diet Pepsi or Coke Zero

Favourite Scripture

DA: Proverbs 3:5-6

JT: 1 Timothy 4:16

Typical Saturday

DA: Barclays Premier League in morning, house renovations in afternoon, movie in evening

JT: Crying, laughing, food, minivan, practice sermon, Connect Group, sleep please sleep!

Who would win in an arm wrestle between the PLT?

DA: Seriously do you even have to ask?

JT: Dave

Who would win in a grill-off between the PLT?

DA: Much closer call, probably Jon because he'd start with a better cut of meat.

JT: Of course me, better cuts of meat and cooking-come on, do you need to ask?!

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