Join the Team.

If you've ever been to C4 for a Sunday service or another event, chances are you were served by one of our hundreds of volunteers. Every area of church life relies on people like you using their time, talents and gifts.

If you consider C4 your church home, or are looking for a way to connect and be part of the life of the church, serve as a volunteer. By doing so, you’re an essential part of helping others connect with Jesus.

We’re All In This Together.

Serve in the way that God has uniquely designed and gifted you to serve.

For further study on how God uniquely designed you for ministry, take C4’s S.H.A.P.E. class online for free on Right Now Media. This resource is designed to help you discover your best fit in ministry based on your Spiritual Gifts, Holy Discontent, Abilities, Personality, and Experiences.

Not sure of your spiritual gifts? Click here for a survey as a great place to start discovering what they might be. This will help in finding the right fit for you at C4.

All teams serve on different rotations - some once a month, some twice a month, some less, some more!

Current Opportunities.

Check out the drop down buttons below to explore serving opportunities. Click here to let us know which ones interest you and we’ll be in touch!


Baby Holders

Safely hold and care for small babies so parents are stress-free.

Bible Teacher

Teach kids the bible enthusiastically.


Do you love to act, tell stories, or lead worship? C4 Kids has several different roles that can utilize your creative mind! These roles will undoubtedly be filled with fun and silliness but most importantly, opportunities to teach kids about Jesus.

Environment Stager

Setup/construct areas that look good on a shoestring budget.


Warmly welcome kids to C4 Kids and ensure safe environment from start.


Help wherever is needed and fill any gaps.


Help transition to different parts of the curriculum or activities.


Take care, stock, buy, and organize the stuff to best support ministry.

Program Leader

Teach kids the bible, engage in fun activities relating to the curriculum.


From baby holders to small group leaders, C4 Kids offers many different roles for people who love to build relationships with kids and leaders alike. These roles are sure to include lots of highfives, laughs, and opportunities to point kids towards Jesus.

Small Group Leader

A great listener to kids’ thoughts, struggles, and delights in their world.

Station Leader

Use art, science, games or activities to make kids connect dots to the Bible.

Summer Connect C4 Kids Help

Help out with C4 Kids at our Summer Connect every Wednesday night between July 13 and Aug 10.


Are you great with computers? Do you have a knack for all things electronic? C4 Kids has plenty of roles on our team that require tech-savvy minds! These roles are key to helping make each kid's experience more engaging and exciting.

Teen Helper

Good taking instruction to help where ever is needed to fill any gaps.


Lead kids in worship through voice, instruments, and/or actions.


Sunday Leader

Connect, interact, and worship with preteens. Facilitate connect group discussions with students.


Host services on Sunday mornings. (Apply)

Singers & Musicians

Serve as part of the worship team on a regular basis and lead preteens in morning worship.

Special Events Help

Participate in fun activities with preteens. Assist with setup/teardown.


Youth Admin

Do you enjoy organizing things? If administration comes easy to you then we have plenty of opportunities at that would be a great fit. These roles are key to helping keep Sr Youth prepared for each and every week.

Youth Ambassadors

Praying, advocating, hearing rumours, cheerleader for our community.

Youth Connect Leaders

Connect, interact, and worship with teens. Facilitate small group discussions with students.

Youth Data Base Management

Keep all database groups and people updated and accurate.

Youth Event Planners

Help plan and run youth events, worship nights, workshop events, etc.

Youth Leaders

Connect, interact, and worship with teens. Facilitate small group discussions with students.

Youth Prayer Coordinator

Coordinate prayer efforts for Sr Youth.

Youth Social Media Specialist

Writing, editing, management of schedule of posts, creative campaigns on facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat, youtube, vimeo.

Youth Web Manager

Updating content- familiar with coding, squarespace, word press, etc.

Youth Worship Leaders

Serve as part of the worship team on a regular basis and lead teens in worship.


Visit for all C4YA serving opportunities.


Donation Depot Volunteers

Help receive, sort and distribute items brought to the Depot in the Lobby before and after Sunday services.

Facebook Marketplace Administrators

Monitor and track activity on C4 Marketplace Facebook group.

Missions Trips Planning Teams (India, Bangladesh or Uganda)

Assist with developing C4’s global partnership by mobilizing prayer & engagement.

Missionary Care

Pray for and communicate with individual missionaries who are not part of the Partnership strategy.

Offsite Local & Global Opportunities

For offsite local and global opportunities, visit



Serve our parking lot by directing traffic and welcoming people.


Warmly welcome people entering the doors with a smile and a handshake.


Give a great first impression of C4 to guests by maintaining an excellent presentation of the facilities.

Welcome Centre

Welcome new people to C4 with outstanding hospitality and a special gift. Capture conversation and contact information online to equip follow up team. New families register their children for programming here.


Initiate conversation with people in the Lobby and hallways. Look for new people to engage and take to Welcome Centre, get to know people, provide direction and hand out treats.

Connect Centre

Guide people on their journey of faith by encouraging their next steps at C4: Connect Groups, Connect/Care Classes, Serving, Giving, Baptism and Membership.

Coffee & Refreshments

Prepare, serve and clean up coffee and refreshments for our congregation and volunteers.


Warmly welcome guests to the Auditorium with smiles and hellos. Seat guests, hand out bulletins, receive the offering and serve communion.


Stage Crew

Assist with transitions in services, moving props, and making the stage ready for services.


Part of production visuals to lead and teach the congregation throughout the service experience.


Part of production visuals and artistic expression to help connect the message with the congregation.

Camera Operator

Part of production visuals to communicate service elements visually to other C4 sites, as well as online.

Service Producer

Leads production team during weekend services, to create an efficient, professional service.

Sound Technician

Operate sound console for weekend services at C4, helping to communicate clearly the message of the songs, teaching and media content.


To learn about our upcoming Worship Auditions, +click here.

Singers & Musicians

Serve as part of the worship team on a regular basis. Lead congregation in worship.

Music Directors

Lead congregation in worship and direct band to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Events & Logistics

Help plan and run Creative Community Night, worship nights, workshop events, etc.

Worship Leaders

Prepare set list based on sermon topic, lead congregation in worship.


Support and encourage people getting baptized on their special day as they take this giant step of faith.


Prepare and clear the elements for communion.


The Creative team is a team of people who have some basic to advanced experience in the areas below. If you have any of these skills we’d love to have you join us and grow in your abilities as you serve the church!

Creative Video

Editing, film, directing, production assistants.


Regularly practice your photography skills at events and services for promotional purposes and more.

Copywriting and Editing

Scripts for short films, magazines, newsletters, instruction manuals, promotional campaigns and more!

Social Media

Help keep C4's platforms fresh and current with regular content and strategic posts

Web Design

Familiar with coding, squarespace, word press, etc.

Graphic Design

Graphic design for events, ministries, and digital platforms. Portfolio and expertise in the Adobe suite- photoshop, illustrator, indesign, hand lettering.

Handy People

Building sets, props, problem solving through carpentry, acrylic, electrical, painting, or metal work.


Details, check lists, finding mistakes, uploading old files, organizing digital media, etc.

Creative, Other

creative skills that would be appropriate to an advertising agency are always welcome.


City Care (Benevolence) Volunteers

Meet with individuals who need financial assistance, offering hope by guiding people with a development approach to come to God with their needs. Serving shifts are scheduled Fridays between 10am-3pm in the C4 office.

Marriage Mentors

Marriage Mentors to help coach couples through group (classes) and individual (one-on-one with couples) support. This role is for married couples only.

Care Ministers

Care Ministers work closely with the Care Ministry and all Site Pastors to provide emotional and spiritual support to congregants during times of crises, major life events or bereavement.


Sunday Morning Prayer

Pray with and for people in the Auditorium after service on Sunday mornings.

Healing Prayer

Facilitate and primarily guide participants in prayers for physical healing under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Inner Healing Facilitator

Lead people through prayers of emotional and spiritual healing under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Restoration Prayer

Help release people from spiritual bondage through systematic repentance and authoritative prayer. Various roles utilizing different gifts available on this team.


Kitchen Team

Help prepare meals/refreshments/beverages for various events on an occasional basis.

Special Projects

Assist with ad hoc ministry projects as they come up. E.g. preparing visitor gifts, Christmas candles, ‘line work’, etc.

Events Team

Serve on a support team in one or more sectors of the event. E.g. kitchen/food, hospitality, shopping, décor, setup/tear down, etc.

Admin Support

Perform on OR off-site administrative tasks that set ministries up for success. E.g. emailing/phone calls, visitor and inquiry follow ups, data handling, reporting, team scheduling, stocking supplies.


Sunday Morning

Help setup and tear down everything needed to do church at Port Perry High School.



Count money on Sundays.

Midweek Custodial Help

Midweek light cleaning duties to keep C4 looking great!


Outdoor gardening and/or landscaping which may include weeding, planting, trimming, etc.

Sunday Tidy-er

Ensure bathrooms are clean, and high traffic areas are garbage free and looking clean.

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